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Apo is an active part of the ministries of his church where his heart for people is clearly evident. Apo has a degree in theology and is also an accomplished musician maintaining a part time teaching studio. Apo works as a carer for Anglicare and lives in Sydney, Australia.


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    hazel pinero

    yes l have noticed more and more , that in australia, we like to celebrate the season, but not the reason for the season

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    Interesting Post Apo, I also was a guest to the first church mentioned and experienced the afternoon Celebration. I was also a little disappointed with what seemed like a rushed, sugar-coated version of the Gospel.

    Without all the lights, sound, music, and visuals….would the production still have the same impact I wonder? I know that outreach and connection with people who don’t always get a chance to hear the good news of Christ is so important for any Church and Christian at Christman time…but do we have to resort to a huge production to grab people’s attention? Hmmm…just thinking out loud…

    this also makes me think about how we, as Christians, can outreach and share the Gospel on a day-to-day basis… I used to have many opportunities at University to share my faith, but in recent years, havn’t had the opportnity to do so as much. Hmmm…any thoughts?

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    In my opinion, I feel that the production may not have had the same impact if we took away the music and visuals. For the gospel was nothing more than lines to the play which were watered down and focused on giving and love and joy and being kind, rather than, on the Saviour and His work.

    In regards to production, I think it is important that everything we do should enhance the true gospel rather than detract from it. So this may mean using special music, or a play, or using visuals to the extent that people are not ‘wow-ed’ by the production but by the Savior’s life and mission.

    So, what happened to your opportunities of sharing the gospel?

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    Yes, I agree that in a production, we need to not lose sight of the message, whether it be the Gospel, or highlighting other issues….sometimes the lights and music of a big production are more distracting than anything….or maybe it’s just me? :)

    Hmmm.. I think that as my environment has changed over the years, from school, to study and then to work…opportunities to share my faith has changed.

    I often had animated discussions (arguments? :) with friends at Uni….then at work it’s different again, as I’m a teacher at a Christian school. Hmmm…but we can witness through other ways than just words I am beginning to understand more and more. My students watch what I do very closely, they judge my character and how I react to different situations. If we are to reflect our Lord in our actions and reactions, then I suppose this is a way of sharing the Gospel. I think I sometimes miss the debate with Uni friends…hehe


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