Nine ways to help people in the “too hard” box

How do you help people in the “too hard” box? I mean, the whole reason they’re there is that their problem is too hard. One approach is to get degrees in theology, psycholo... Read more

The damage of the “too hard” box

There is no problem in the “too hard” box that wasn’t made worse by being tossed into the “too hard” box. Regardless of how sinister or innocent our motivation... Read more

Christian ministry and the “too hard” box

If you’re involved in any sort of Christian ministry, you’ve probably got a steady stream of “projects” coming across your desk. Births, deaths, engagements, marriage... Read more

Mandatory reporting requirements ramped up in Victoria

Nelson, Warren. T. C. Hammond, His Life and Legacy in Ireland and Australia. Edinburgh: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1994. 171 pages. This book is the biography of T. C. Hammond, Irish street... Read more

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