A magnificent repentance!

I used to think that legalism was externally imposed. I had recently read Bridges’ Transforming Grace and had begun to see the grip that legalism had on my life. My security in God... Read more

“10 Sermons on Hope” by Charles Spurgeon

Spurgeon, Charles. 10 Sermons on Hope. Fort Pierce Florida: Faith Baptist Church Publications, 2005. 184 pages. [xrr rating=4/5] Charles H. Spurgeon was not known as the prince of preachers... Read more

A Community-Focused Christianity

One of the indicators of genuine conversion is the presence of a desire to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This reality is seen in the life of the Apostle Paul (Acts 9:20), the... Read more

SMBC announces new Principal

“[Stuart Coulton] is unwavering in his commitment to the central place of the Bible in theological and cross-cultural training.” Sydney Missionary & Bible College. Read more

Why TR-onlyism is necessarily rooted in Ruckmanism

Those who hold to a TR-only position like to think that they hold a moderate position. They typically repudiate the extremes of Ruckmanism in the strongest terms while repudiating the... Read more

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