Jim Berg to speak at AFBC Conference

The 2012 Bible Conference will feature Dr Jim Berg. Australian Fellowship of Bible-Believing Churches. Read more

The Mental Illness Defence

Matthew Newton is at it again – bashing women and beating up workers.  The Underbelly star is proving that life does imitate art.   CCTV footage now shows that he is in denial and a li... Read more

Do You Feel the Hate?

Like most sane people, I want to be liked.   It feels good to have smiles all around and a friendly society to live in.  However, am I the only one who is frustrated at the increasingly open... Read more

Why the approval of God OR the wilderness is a false dilemma

In Mark 1:11, Jesus rises from the waters of baptism and is greeted by God the Holy Spirit and God the Father who states simply his deep pleasure in his son: You are my beloved Son; with you... Read more

S.W.A.T. Camp 2012

What is a SWAT Camp? SWAT is an acronym for Spiritual Weapons and Training. SWAT Camp is an annual event which brings together young people from all over Australia with one common goal; trai... Read more

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