“The 360° Leader” by John Maxwell

Maxwell, John. The 360° Leader, Developing Your Influence From Anywhere in the Organization. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2005. This book supplied for review through BookSneeze®. 308 pages plus... Read more

Can I take a Christian to court?

Living in a broken world is messy. It would be nice if everyone saw eye-to-eye and problems were easily resolved. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Even believers sometimes find themse... Read more

Feeling Rejected?

Charles Simeon is a fascinating character study in rejection.  Six years before Captain Cook sailed into Port Jackson, Simeon was an unloved English minister placed in a church where the peo... Read more

The Super-Commute

What are the personal, spiritual and social impacts of these new work requirements? Bloomberg Read more

“But he’s NOT a Baptist”

Conservative Fundamentalism and the Independent Baptist Movement of our day has formulated a set of unwritten rules and regulations which men and women are expected to abide by. These have n... Read more

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