A common enemy

It is a universal principle that people need enemies. Loud protests notwithstanding, people need enemies. It is fundamental to modern politics. The left has the right. The right has the left... Read more

Reading the Sources

I was listening to a Yale lecture on American history this afternoon and the professor referenced Jonathan Edwards and his most famous sermon – “Sinners in the hands of an Angry... Read more

Thousands home school unregistered in Australia

“There are 942 children registered with the Home Schooling Unit this year, but Mr Osmak believes there may be another 10,000 home schooling underground in Queensland.” ABC News. Read more

My series links

Over the last six plus years, I’ve written a number of topical series. It is the nature of blogs that these get buried, so I created a list of links for easy reference for myself. Perh... Read more

Pastors: Tenure or Contract?

Peter Ko examines “the pros and cons of the contractual nature of many independent churches’ call for their pastors.” Fan Into Flame. Read more

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