Losing The Gut

After all the gluttony and indulgence of the Christmas feasting traditions, we come to the verge of the new year.  Typically this is when we all make resolutions to change and reform our beh... Read more

Is “Submit” the Only Word We Can Say to Christian Wives?

She came to me cautiously.  Clearly she was a woman distressed by her husband’s deep unkindness.  Her story touched on pain, on fear, on confusion, on hatred.   My heart ached with sympathy... Read more

Committee to review BJU Sexual Abuse Policy

Stephen Jones: “I want to know of any improvements we can make in how we respond to and lovingly support individuals who have experienced abuse.” Bob Jones University. Read more

Looking Beyond the Juniper Tree!

Have you ever felt like you cannot go on? Have you ever experienced the weights of despair, discouragement and disappointment? Do you ever wonder if there is anybody left who actually cares... Read more

Pastoring Your Street

As we reach the end of the year, you may be invited to one of many block parties and community Christmas celebrations. If not, then why not create one? These events can be a lot of fun to re... Read more

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