Drink the poison or the truth will kill you. Pensées. Read more

Where can I find books by F. W. Boreham?

  [stextbox image=”null”]Daniel is on holiday this week so I thought I’d take the chance to put up some resources on the life of F. W. Boreham.[/stextbox]  ... Read more

“I signed a petition that is calling for the removal of Chuck Phelps from the Cooperating Board of Trustees of Bob Jones University.” Pensées. Read more

Five great theological themes of the gospel: Justification (part five)

To justify is to defend as right… or just. Justification, then, has to do with the means by which we who are anything but just, are declared by God to be just. We the unjust The reason... Read more

“If Dr. Phelps or any other Board member covered up a crime such as this, he or she would not be retained on the Board.” Bob Jones University. Read more

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