Five great theological themes of the gospel: An introduction (part one)

The wise old apostle is bent over the desk as he scrawls the final words of his letter in the gathering darkness. “O Timothy,” (the words are warm, but solemn) “guard the d... Read more

The American Council of Christian Churches: Resolution on Instances of Abuse within Professed Fundamentalism. Read more

Segment 10

It’s hard to believe that this is the tenth time I’ve assembled a team of writers for an InFocus segment. But it is a pleasure to introduce the new team for segment ten. We start... Read more

Virginity is not the goal.  Click here to read Read more

Christian Activism

Grassroots rebellion is growing.  Whether it be the Tea Party, the Arab Springs, London Riots, or the Occupy Wall Street movements, we  know one thing.  The masses are angry.   At one level,... Read more

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