The NBF is live streaming today and tomorrow from Sydney. See here. Read more

Joint Google and Israel Museum undertaking brings you the Dead Sea Scrolls in HD online. The Australian. Dead Sea Scrolls online. Read more

Eleven reasons I love reading Christian biographies

1) I find biographies easy to read when I’m too worn out to read heavier genres like theology, philosophy, history, etc. 2) I get to “hang out” with and learn from men and... Read more

What is the future for Israel?

Today, September 23rd 2011, is the day that Palestine will ask the United Nations to vote on its statehood.   I have no idea whether this request will be passed or vetoed; and whether its af... Read more

Pastor’s Wife or Superwoman?

The yellowing leaves of ancient trees shivered in the early autumn breeze.  The picnic food was gone, but the church people lingered to chat.  A woman with a troubled expression pulled up he... Read more

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