The Fire Starter

I scarfed down my last bite and dashed toward the car, grabbing my stuff on the way out. Within a few minutes I was walking into the room where the others had already gathered to pray. As I... Read more

What defines a Christian school?

I attended a Christian school in Sydney for the majority of my K-12 schooling years.  Recently, someone asked me answer this question: “How do you know that you attended a Christian sc... Read more

Expecting the Supernatural?

When faced with health trials or when all human means have been exhausted, we turn to God in prayer. Christians worship a supernatural God. So why do we pray for Divine intervention while st... Read more

Legalism’s Whip

Helen’s lips trembled and her aqua-blue eyes brimmed with tears. “At the Christian college I attended, students were not allowed to ride in other people’s cars.  But one day when I was shopp... Read more

His weakest moment

It’s a funny thing about life. It’s easy to judge someone… until you know them. We were living in close quarters and he really got under my skin. He wasn’t likeable l... Read more

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