“Members are full of praise for the movement, but critics say it is far more authoritarian and dangerous—with its use of exorcism for healing—than its relaxed, happy-go-lucky facade su... Read more

Labels … More Harm than Good?

Do you every wonder why Spirituality is respected, but Religion is a dirty word?  Consider the myriad of Christian terms: Protestant, Orthydox; Reformed, Charismatic;  Fundamentalist, Evange... Read more

Fox News. Sydney Anglicans. Read more

Points of Light on a Southwest Flight

Air travel in America has morphed since my first trip in 1983.  In those days dressing up was the norm, meal service was complimentary, and bags flew free.  Now we wear what’s most comfortab... Read more

On Frightening Timothy

It is an evil thing and a bitter to frighten Timothy. And it is woefully easy to do. Timothy is very young. He always was! He always will be! Timothy has solved the problem of perpetual yout... Read more

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