Happy Birthday to Me

Forty-five years ago I was born.  On the day we celebrated that auspicious occasion, my brother asked me one of his favourite birthday questions:  “How has your life changed in the past ten... Read more

What’s Your Style?

I  worked part-time in a department store during my seminary years.  The store promoted clothing from Ralph Lauren and other brands, with glossy posters and creative displays.   Each brand p... Read more

KJV: Shape of my life

I no longer have my first Bible. I’m not sure what happened to it, but it was one of those KJV gift and award Bibles (I probably won it in a Sunday School contest) and I think it took... Read more

The Christian Logjam

Thanks to Jason and the rest of the Infocus team for giving me the opportunity to write over the next twelve weeks.  I’m excited about sharing what I have been reading and reflecting on with... Read more

Join the discussion!

I’ve just added an RSS feed for InFocus comments. If you’d like to be notified when someone comments on an InFocus post, subscribe and you’ll be kept up to date. Also, I wa... Read more

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