Well that’s just your opinion….

Last week I was at the airport waiting for my flight when I received a phone call.  The call was from the airport gate informing me that I was about to miss my plane.  I was relaxing at the... Read more

A Cure for Mental Enslavement

I’ve been going to church since I was eight years old.  Almost every church I have attended has been a self-proclaimed Bible-centred church.  But what I have observed in churches is a lot of... Read more

Tirocinium: A Plea To Dads

English poet William Cowper (“cooper”) lived a dark life.  His mother died when he was six, after giving birth to his brother.  Little William was then sent away to boarding school and was c... Read more

KJV: Literary masterpiece

It is no presumption to elevate the King James Version to the level of masterpiece.1 Indeed, the voices raised in praise of the King James Version during this 400th anniversary celebration a... Read more

Visitors in Church

We’ve been doing a study on encouragement by Mattias Media over the past few months in men’s Bible study.  One study has a role-play between a regular church attender and a first time visito... Read more

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