“You can have the ‘correct’ bible, and be of absolute no use to God, either because you don’t read it or you don’t obey it.” Tara-Lee Green. Read more

2010 @ InFocus

I’ve always thought those Wordle thingys were kinda cool. They do clarify what issues are getting the most attention on a blog. I was encouraged by the Wordle for InFocus (click to emb... Read more

“Who can deny that ‘thinking’ and ‘fundamentalism’ have had a somewhat distant relationship for much of [the] movement’s history?” Sharper Iron Read more

Two posts for the New Year

Since we’re not posting right now, I thought I’d direct your attention to two posts that describe my traditions at this time of year. My Year on an A6 Card Time for a Thinkathon... Read more

John Piper’s report on his recent eight-month leave of absence. Instructive for modern Christianity in so many ways. Desiring God. Read more

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