When can’t I reach you?

We’re used to saying “when can I reach you?” But the ubiquity of technology has made the inverse just as relevant. When can’t I reach you? Is there a time in your day... Read more

TIME Magazine article on the debate concerning ethics classes in NSW schools. TIME Read more

Sexual Detox

Sexual Detox

I recently read Tim Challies’ little book Sexual Detox, which is a great help for Christian men in our pornified culture.  The book includes a sobering description of the nature and ef... Read more

Watch This Space

I’ve spent the past two months researching the lives of Fred and Sybil Pucknell. Not a minute has been wasted. Not one email or one letter. I have enjoyed receiving every piece of the puzzle... Read more

Quadricentennial Celebration (1611-2011)

We’re just over a month now from welcoming 2011. Whatever else 2011 brings, it also marks four hundred years since the translation of the Authorised King James Version in 1611. This is... Read more

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