The National Baptist Fellowship 2010 (Brisbane)

The Independent Baptist’s largest annual convention has been taking place this week in Brisbane. I’m really glad to see that it’s being live streamed. I almost went this ye... Read more

National Baptist Fellowship live streaming of all sessions. NBF Schedule. Read more

Dodgy Governments

Every day we are reminded of the incompetence of government.  We hear it on the news and from our co-workers.  We remember it when we’re stuck in traffic or waiting for a bureaucrat to... Read more

Mitre Eleven

Pormpuraaw has a rubbish dump. It’s a mighty grand one. You spot it just before you reach town. There are poles at certain intervals, at the entrance to the dump, ready for the fencing but t... Read more

Of Relationship and an Open Mind

I try to keep an open mind. You can broach just about any subject with me and I’m willing to listen and consider other perspectives… usually. There’s one thing that tends t... Read more

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