On Receiving Our Fifth Child

My excellent wife Di gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday evening.  We thank God for the opportunity to nurture her life.  Our hearts are full — and our days are busy!  I’ve selec... Read more

Are associations important?

Unreliable internet access, travel, and the normal busyness have thwarted my every attempt at a proper post today. What better time to empty out my links folder? 7,500 online shoppers unknow... Read more

Learning from Luther

Martin Luther (1483 – 1546) was one the most colourful and passionate characters in church history.  As a principle reformer, Luther took complex issues and unravelled them into the common v... Read more

Deputation: Special Ministry Preparation

I have seen many missionary presentations, but there is one that will always stand out to me.  One Sunday night, Di and I visited a church where a missionary family was presenting their miss... Read more

SMH commentator Gerard Henderson on Australian Christianity and politics. Read more

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