Pray The Word

Pray The Word

For some of us, it’s easier to talk with God spontaneously during the day: a request here, a thank-you there.  To pray anywhere and anytime is an amazing blessing of knowing God.  But moment... Read more

Early Scripture Fragment in Sydney

Dr. Don Barker, Papyrologist and secretary of the Society for the Study of Early Christianity at Macquarie University recently took the time to show me a third century copy of God’s Wo... Read more

Face to Face with the New Testament

See this morning’s post for the context of this post. I wanted to give you the information for Dr. Don Barker’s seminar Face to Face with the New Testament. You can get the infor... Read more

The CIA has released footage revealing cover-up of mistaken attack on missionaries plane. Read more

Thinking about Bible Software?

The most common mistake people make when choosing Bible software is choosing based on the quantity of resources available.  If you talk about your Bible software in terms of “how many books... Read more

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