Have You Heard Of These?

If you lead or help in a church ministry, here are four Australian resources which can assist and encourage you. Matthias Media is a local evangelical publisher with a distinct focus:... Read more

To Each His Own…

“To each his own.” It’s the only absolute truth for most Australians. Here’s a rebuttal in four characters: 9/11 It’s not rocket science after all. If you leave... Read more

Lessons from P91

In Monday’s post I told you a little about my visit to see P91, an ancient copy of a New Testament portion. In my attempt to keep that post to a reasonable length, I limited my comment... Read more

It’s time for you to help with this.

Five years ago we arrived at the church building on Sunday morning to discover graffiti and smashed eggs across the frontage of the church.  As a church community, we mobilised to remove the... Read more

Tony Payne does a great job of explaining why we have a right to our view, but shouldn’t assume it’s God’s view. The Sola Panel. Read more

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