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Altar Calls: Yes or No?

Let’s discuss the use of altar calls in church services.  For the purpose of this blog post, an altar call is an event that takes place after preaching.  It involves an invitation from the p... Read more

Last Man Standing

I’m not a big fan of the Winter Olympics.  I do respect the athletes’ skill.  I’m also intrigued with this so-called sport: But I like this classic story from the 2002 game... Read more

Deliberate living

Every believer is responsible to conduct himself deliberately. Let me explain what I mean. To live deliberately is to live on purpose. It’s the opposite of letting life happen to you.... Read more

Making Good Entertainment Better

Last week, I drank a mixture of kiwi fruit, banana, apple and guava that promised “wellness” and the “balance of the mind and soul.”  (For what it’s worth – I think that the bacon, sausage a... Read more

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