The Essence of Meat

Do you own a stack of books which fall into the category of “purchased with every good intention of reading?”  For Christians, this usually occurs after being caught up in the emotion of a p... Read more

Metamucil, Cereal, Or Strawberries & Cream?

In the 2006 National Church Life Survey, which surveyed 500,000 Australians from 22 denominations: 21 per cent claimed they read their Bibles daily. 14 per cent claimed they read it a few ti... Read more

8 Marks of a Dangerous Church

I have, over my lifetime, had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of churches around the world. I’ve seen some wonderful, healthy churches. I’ve also seen some dangerous ch... Read more

One life

One life

First of all, welcome to those who’ve recently connected with us through our facebook page. The fb page isn’t new, but this is the first time I’ve actually invited people t... Read more

If you’ve ever tried to print from InFocus, you’ll appreciate the new print function we’ve just installed. If you click on the post you want to print, you will find a link... Read more

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