Climate Change and the ETS

I don’t normally venture into the realm of politics on InFocus. And I’ll do my best not to get too far into that realm today. But this proposed ETS legislation deserves comment.... Read more

The startling quietness of God

I think there is nothing so startling in all the graces of God as His quietness. When men have raged untruths in His Name, when they have used the assumed authority of the Son of God to put... Read more

It’s here folks!

I remember as a child hearing speculation about technological advances that seemed to coincide with the biblical “mark of the beast.” Back then it was wild speculation for the mo... Read more

Missions Mandate. Read more

John Stott: The Cross Of Christ

I’m currently enjoying John Stott’s great work The Cross of Christ, which is full of helpful insights on the cross as the New Testament’s dominating theme.  (A good survey... Read more

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