Thursday afternoon

ednesday had been a difficult day in the city, so he was glad to spend the evening at a friend’s house in a small town a few kilometres outside the city. Thursday morning he sent some... Read more

I’m Going Back To School

Your church probably reaches out to children through teaching Scripture classes in public schools, or an AWANA club, or the occasional holiday Bible club. You might already be involved in on... Read more

Definitely to Die For

“Seven layers of dark chocolate cake filled with caramel mousse, pecans, frosted in our classic fudge frosting draped with caramel and topped with pecans and French chocolate drizzle”—Tasha... Read more

On Posthumous Blogging

Charles Spurgeon may be dead, but he writes enough blog posts to make a pyjama wearin’ blogger look computer illiterate. That’s right, Charles Spurgeon blogs posthumously on a re... Read more

Watch this space

The new team is coming together and we’re looking forward to starting our new segment on Monday. But before then, I’ve got a few other little posts to get in so watch this space! Read more

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