Is God On My Side?

The Battle of Jericho is one of the Bible’s most unusual war stories, where Jesus in pre-incarnate form appears, sword in hand, before the battle, and the Israelites simply march repea... Read more

Some things are just more important than deadlines

Hey, I’m due to post on InFocus today, but I’m taking a break.  We’ve had a really hectic week, and I’m going to spend some time with my wonderful husband instead.  S... Read more

Meet James Fraser

I had not heard of English missionary James Fraser until a friend lent me his biography.  Here’s an introduction: James Fraser’s parents were Methodists but had separated during... Read more

Devastating Renovations

The deafening drone of the masonry saw, the pounding ring of the sledge hammer, the crash of waste materials thrown down—all sweet sounds of renovation. In fact, we have a plaque hanging in... Read more

The place is important

Leviticus 17, 18 The place is important. There was to be no indiscriminate choice of where the sacrifice was to be slain. Only at the door of the tent of meeting could God accept the oblatio... Read more

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