Nine reasons I believe in camp ministry

Saturday night I got an email asking if I could help drive our church teens down to Camp Benaiah today for a week of camp. I was thankful for the opportunity to do it because I believe in ca... Read more

“He is a byword for bigotry cast in the role of the austere, humourless and cruel preacher of an austere, humourless and cruel God.” The Australian. Read more


My neighbour Julia is a Lebanese widow in her seventies who speaks very little English. When we moved to her neighbourhood , eight years ago, she was kind and friendly but from a distance. Y... Read more

God’s Word Can Be Understood

It’s been quite a while since I started my discussion on Bible interpretation so I’ll link you to the first two posts. Why they think we’re dangerous (and why they might be... Read more

Rob Apps Interview (Australian Pastor/Solicitor)

. . Rob Apps has kindly agreed to an email interview for our InFocus readers. But first, I want to direct you to the updated website for Apps Ministries. It’s got a new look and should... Read more

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