My First Blog !

    What should be the first thing you blog about?? Well, I am not sure yet…I have read all the blogs on GMT and liked some and thought others went right above my head. There... Read more

A Great Gospel For Great Sinners

Ivan Milat is currently serving seven life sentences for murdering seven backpackers, with many other murders attributed to him.  He is one of Australia’s most prolific serial killers.  Now... Read more

There’s Nothing in All the World Like the Local Church

There’s nothing in all the world like the local church. There’s joy. There’s friendship. There’s fellowship and life. People are being born again. People are testifyi... Read more

What’s it all mean for Australian Fundamentalism?

So it’s been big stuff over on the other side of the planet. The big names have gotten involved: Doran, Bauder, Vaughn… John MacArthur’s second hand man, Phil Johnson, is w... Read more

On the sufficiency of Scripture

A helpful insight over at The Sola Panel: Why was that phrase “The Bible doesn’t say” so comforting? Perhaps it’s because of what it implies. Non-Christian friends of ours, when... Read more

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