I ‘Have’ Power

“Power is the capacity or potential to influence. People have the power when they have the ability to affect others’ beliefs, attitudes, and courses of action…” In this article we will be si... Read more

Does Satan Exist: TV Debate With Mark Driscoll

I normally don’t post links, but this is worth watching: a televised debate on the existence of Satan.  The debate aired this week and pits philosopher Deepak Chopra and a bishop versu... Read more

A response to Kent Brandenburg’s post on epistemology

Several years ago, I spent the better part of a year studying a particular issue which has raised significant discussion in Fundamentalism in recent decades. It became apparent to me through... Read more

Jonah & Jesus

Jonah’s story as “the man who ran away from God” is for everybody.  Adults identify with Jonah, as we all can admit that we often hear God’s instruction yet rebel aga... Read more

Christian school in trouble for refusing to offer a training placement to a Muslim. The Age. Read more

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