Fundamentalism: Defining a Movement

This post was originally written and posted in 2005. Due to the controversy it caused it was removed a short time later. I post it again at this time because I believe the issues at stake ar... Read more

“It Is The LORD Who Goes Before You”

When I was a little boy, I liked to ride my bicycle around the street. One day I stopped my bike near some long grass. I heard a rustling sound behind me — something was moving through... Read more

The Writer’s Pen

I’ve never considered myself to be an avid writer, but I do enjoy expressing my thoughts on paper and analysing what I am thinking. Playing music is another way I enjoy expressing thoughts a... Read more

How do you handle comments?

Ok. So you see a post that piques your interest. You drop a quick comment… then what? Does anyone know a good way to keep up with responses without having to remember to check back eve... Read more

Dorm Discussions and Other Analogies

From time to time, someone who is unfamiliar with the internet in all its applications will ask me to explain it to them. They want to know what is a blog, a forum, a social networking site.... Read more

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