My Year on an A6 Card

ots of people have Christmas traditions but do you have any New Year’s traditions? Of course there’s always the old stay-up-til-midnight routine, but besides that. My New Year... Read more

The Virgin Birth and Other Tabloid Headlines

Of all the doctrines of Scripture, there is none quite so intriguing as the virgin birth. I mean, this is tabloid material! “Aliens Abduct Kevin Rudd” “Orphaned Elephant Ra... Read more

A Christmas Experience…

Christmas as we all know is a busy time of the year. People hustling and bustling about buying gifts, decorating trees, meeting relatives, running here running there. It is a never ending cy... Read more

Someone’s Having Self Image Problems

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?! Hey, it’s time to break out all your Christmas music and try to listen to each song at least once! But I promised to continue the self ima... Read more

The Power of Self Image

n recent decades, popular psychology has sold the idea that man’s problem is that his self esteem is too low. And Christians have bought it. In fact, many Christians have made it their... Read more

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