Graham playing politics while the believers suffer and freedom of religion is denied. See here. Read more

On Sharper Iron

It’s kind of hard to express the things I felt as I read Jason Janz’ article yesterday morning announcing that he is moving on and passing the leadership of SI to Aaron Blumer. T... Read more

Jason gives a few thoughts as he prepares to move on in The Next Chapter of Sharper Iron. Read more

Six Reasons Pastors Should Blog

I’ll admit it’s not my title, but it sure is a good title. It’s actually Abraham Piper’s title and he wrote the article which you can read here. And I encourage you t... Read more

The Dangers of Distance Preaching

By Steven Mock The first church in Jerusalem was formed in Acts 2 when Peter preached a powerful, Spirit-filled, convicting message. God used Peter’s words to convert 3,000 people who were b... Read more

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