Outrageous ruling denies ministry the right to insist employees hold to Christian morality. See here. Read more

Looking Unto Jesus

“Looking unto Jesus and not to our brethren, not even to the best among them and the best beloved. In following a man we run the risk of losing our way; in following Jesus we are sure... Read more

Northland Baptist Bible College has achieved full accreditation. Read more

Shaming China

The Olympic torch relay has been an absolute debacle. It’s like the whole world is participating in a big shaming of China. And for good reason. China has been trying to play with the... Read more

Spirit Filling and Spiritual Maturity

By Randall Fox “Be filled with the Spirit” Ephesians 5:18 The command to be Spirit-filled is one of the most vital imperatives for the Christian life. Yet one of the most misunde... Read more

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