Here’s an aboriginal leader dealing honestly with the complexity of the issue. Absolutely worth the read. “One of my misgivings about the apology has been my belief that nothing... Read more

In Defence of Militancy

By David Doran Recent proposals about the nature of Fundamentalism are stirring lively debate. While I have heard of no bloodshed, I am certain that quite a few blood pressures have risen wi... Read more

Archbishop Williams is “in shock” after calls for his resignation over his suggestion that Sharia law should be introduced in England. See here. Read more

Some Conclusions

Epistemology, Part Four: Jason Harris In the last post in this series, I gave three basic propositions. 1) God is always perfectly rational. 2) In God’s image, humans are also rational. 3) H... Read more

A sobering spoof on Joel Osteen’s well known book. Read more

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