J. Oswald Sanders on Reading

“A country minister in Australia known to this writer was a great book lover. Early in his ministry he determined to develop a biblically and theologically literate congregation. He he... Read more

“So I write myself a warning that Facebook and blogomania, helpful as are, can be a ‘weight’ diverting my time from all the faces around me who need an up-close and persona... Read more

How does a prosperity preacher deal with tragedy? See here. Read more

Pitfalls to Avoid in Our Baptist Vision

By Jason Harris Recent years have seen a growing awareness among Independent Baptists in Australia of our responsibility to reach out, not only to the spiritual needs of those around us, but... Read more

The Worst Job in the World, Part One

By Steven Mock Do you know what the worst job is in the world? It’s the one where someone works too many hours, gets paid far too little, is grossly underappreciated, is too stressed out, an... Read more

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