Jimmy Wales, founder of discourages using the site for academic purposes on The Wired Campus. Read more

Jesse Gardner of Plastic Mind gives a sober warning to church leaders to take all precautions in selecting children’s workers in A Rapist In My Church Directory. Read more

Tim Challies of points out the cheapness of the Jesus fads in The Butt of Too Many Jokes. Read more

What is Fundamentalism? Part Two

By Larry Rogier This article is being continued from part one. A fundamentalist is secondly committed to the honor of and defense of those doctrines, through teaching, confrontation and expo... Read more

Modesty and the Christian Woman

By Linda Sabry It is the Lord’s will for His daughters to present themselves as pure vessels before men and radiate in feminine beauty. In 1 Timothy 2:9a women are instructed to... Read more

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