What Australia Really Needs

By Jason Harris You may expect me to say that what Australia really needs is revival, and that is what we need, but not the kind of revival that you may be thinking. Many think of revival as... Read more

A Thinking Man’s Thoughts argues that if people are innocent until proven guilty, shouldn’t we be thinking more about the rights of the accused in The Rights of Victims and the A... Read more

Phil Johnson of Pyromaniacs gives a visual demonstration of the sobering affects of sin in Romans 1:21-32. Read more

Pensees muses on the importance of the little things in Mundanity. Read more

What Do I Know About My God?

By Mardi Collier This is a start to a list of the characteristics of God that will help you in your study of beginning to know Him. It is vitally important to study Who our God is and have a... Read more

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