Probably all of us would like to think that our life would make a difference in some way. Thinking about all the things we cannot change is both sobering and humbling. Whether it be a father... Read more

Prophesy Fulfilled in Jesus

Below is a collection of prophesies that were fulfilled in Jesus Christ. “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17) May the Word produce an... Read more

A Biblical Understanding of Anger

By Jason Harris The Definition of Anger The Macquarie Dictionary defines anger as “Strongly felt displeasure aroused by real or supposed wrongs, often accompanied by an impulse to reta... Read more

Why I Believe That Jesus Is God

Talking with people from various religious groups as a young person, I was challenged on the deity of Jesus Christ. I decided to find the truth for myself. This study came out of my personal... Read more

Levels Of Beliefs

There are many things that good conservative people disagree on. Are they all equally important or are there some things that are less important than others? The answer to this question will... Read more

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